2023 CAN’T COME FAST ENOUGH By Stephen Dick

2023 CAN’T COME FAST ENOUGH By Stephen Dick

I feel that many readers will agree that 2022 was a very rough year. Without rehashing all the past year increases, a new year offers the hope that we will soon recover and get on better financial footing.

Honestly, better days are ahead. And that is why I cannot wait until the new year begins. We are a strong nation that has weathered more than a few unexpected storms. So, with that spirit in mind let’s work together to steady the ship and turn all our past negatives into positives. Okay let us drop that Times Square ball!

Now let’s move into our New Jersey Winter. If you are not a “Snowbird” (a part time New Jersey Resident who checks out the moment the thermometer drops to below 40 degrees) and heads to warmer climate I congratulate you. For those residents who remain there is something beautiful and refreshing about extremely wintry weather and snow. Ugh! Obviously, I have lost my mind and have got to get to the airport! To you remaining brave souls, I salute you and urge you not to overdo the shoveling. Remember snow melts and regardless of one’s age and strength please know it is not worth the risk to shovel your driveway by yourself. If you see some kids with shovels in hand, or a private snowplow driver make an offer and that might be the smartest way to remove the snow.

Just because the weather turns cold, does not mean you have to be confined to your home. There are many external activities to partake in. The following are only a few to consider.

To begin, consider taking a one-day local trip to places that you have heard about but have not yet visited. Because New Jersey has so many wonderful sights and beautiful places to visit with trips to towns like Princeton, Cape May, Morristown, lots of Museums, the many towns along the Jersey Shore, Beautiful Beaches (but resist diving into that extremely freezing water), Sensational Parks are perfect for walks and yes, even birdwatching. And do not forget to visit our neighboring State of Pennsylvania (such as New Hope and the quaint town of Lancaster) for close-by destinations. These and many more diverse local Getaways can add much enjoyment to the winter.

As a reminder, please be prepared to carry a protective mask with you, as variations of Covid is still with us and might be required in some establishments.

I am staying away from recommending an obvious winter activity known as binge watching or streaming cable programming. This has become a natural popular year-round home activity.

To this writer, the idea is to create a mix of various winter entertainment activities. Be it local travel, or simply watching some great movies at home or dinner with friends. It’s a great time to develop a hobby, work on a puzzle and play several entertaining games. You have numerous choices to make your winter enjoyable and comfortable that is if you cannot be sitting under a palm tree on a beautiful southern beach with a warm breeze and loads of sunshine.

I better stop drifting and thinking about a New Jersey Winter.

The winter months are a wonderful time to visit your doctor, dentist, and training or wellness center, so let’s take advantage of this time to get a health tune-up.

I never want to be accused of rushing the days away, but realistically, before we know it the warmth of our spring and summer will be upon us and the complaints about how it is too warm will once again be heard. But I still cannot wait for the fresh start of a New Year to begin. I am ready, are you?

Wishing You a Sensational Holiday Season and a Fantastic 2023 Ahead!

Please note this article contains my opinions and I attempt to present issues that are current and pertain to our senior readership. I would love to hear from our readers and get your thoughts on this or any Senior Servings topic. Additionally, if there is a senior related issue that you would like this article to address, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

I can be reached at SDMC – sdick@sdmc-nj.com. Please reference the topic you wish to discuss in your e-mail heading.

Until next time! A special thank you to all our great doctors, nurses, medical & wellness professionals, who are listed on this Monmouth Health and Wellness site. Stephen Dick is the president of SDMC, a full-service creative marketing communications resource – www.sdmc-nj.com

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