5 ultra-easy self-care tips for busy women

5 ultra-easy self-care tips for busy women

(BPT) – The start of warmer months means everyone is ramping up their schedules. Between work, kids, social lives, family and more, prioritizing your own mental, emotional and physical health can easily fall down the daily to-do list. It’s not always easy to put yourself first, but addressing aspects of your health and practicing self-care can involve simple, everyday actions that only take minutes — which is especially important when you’re busy.

May is Women’s Health Month and an ideal time to create a self-care routine that supports you in feeling your best. Entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer Brandirell shares her top tips to empower women and improve their overall well-being.

Get at least 6 hours of sleep

The coveted eight hours of sleep a night is ideal, but sometimes it’s just not possible. However, sleep is essential for mental clarity and physical wellness, so when you’re extra busy, shift your focus and strive to get at least six hours of sleep. This way you can still feel refreshed and ready to take on the day like the incredible woman you are.

Wake up with positive affirmations

Every morning, look in the mirror and say at least one positive thing about yourself, whether that’s reminding yourself you’re a supermom, you love every inch of yourself or you are a strong, intelligent woman who can accomplish anything. The power of positive thinking is real and starting the day off on a good note will help boost your mornings so you can achieve whatever it is you desire.

Make time to prioritize your physical health

Physical, mental and emotional health go hand in hand, so as you say your daily affirmations, be sure to also make time to prioritize your physical health. This could be anything from spending 30 minutes doing your favorite workout (yes, a brisk walk counts!), scheduling that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off or following up with your OB/GYN for your routine checkup. Be an advocate for yourself and your body by taking the time you need to prioritize yourself and be on top of your overall health.

Take time to unwind

Some days are busy, while others are just downright hard. Build a nighttime routine and take an uninterrupted shower, so you can properly decompress no matter what the day holds. Try Vagisil’s Healthy Detox wash for an all-over gentle cleansing right before bed to wash away the day, or the pH Balance wash that supports a healthy intimate microbiome. Additionally, the Odor Block wash is the perfect way to hit refresh after an evening sweat session. They’re all clinically tested and made with hypoallergenic ingredients, and with almost 50 years of expertise, Vagisil brings advanced skincare technologies to address women’s intimate self-care needs. Find your favorite at Vagisil.com.

Set aside time to disconnect

When you’re feeling drained or overwhelmed, put your phone down and detach from social media. So many voices, perspectives and lives flashing from your screen can become physically and mentally draining, so take time away from technology and use that time to do something you enjoy. Read a book. Deep condition your hair. Go on a run. Sleep. Whatever it is, make you and your health a top priority.

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