This has been a very special and unique summer for this author. Probably, this has to do with my entering my eighth decade of summers. Yes, I have proudly and gratefully reached the 80th year of my life. This has come with an unusual series of memories in my mind. I guess that’s expected when one is fortunate to break this milestone.

What I have found to be incredibly interesting is that I honestly believe that the 80s are in fact the new 60s. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. However, what I do know is that we all age differently with various aches and pains that are either ignored or dealt with professionally, thanks to some wonderful doctors and medications. Guess you’re on the right site for that observation.

Okay, let me not drift too far away. So, please cancel my pickleball match. To me summer has always been a time of reflection. A quiet time from the hectic year. A time to simply sit back, relax, enjoy the sun’s warmth and do some quality thinking.

Maybe it’s just reading a good book. Or, becoming more physical with some modest exercise, tennis, golf, walking, bike riding and taking in the beauty of new sights. All on your relaxed timeline.

With all these choices, I selected the category of reflection (or recollection). Hurry, get me to my laptop!

Obviously, there are way too many recollections to reveal here. However, I thought some of mine might trigger yours. This summer related story comes to mind. It’s a classic in my family memories.

So, I was told by my mother to invite a few close friends to celebrate my birthday. We lived in a two-story brick house with a very small backyard that was taken up by two major wrought iron staircases that consumed most if not all the backyard which was covered with a cement floor. Grass, what was that? Well, I was a very friendly young man who could not resist an opportunity to increase the number of my friends.

Mom had requested the ever-popular Good Humor Ice Cream Wagon to deliver an assortment of some of the very best tasting ice cream on the planet to the backyard where an amazing gathering of children were continually arriving. It was as if every kid in our neighborhood had shown up to celebrate my birthday. Guess mom expected to get off easy with possibly only 5 or 6 friends showing up to enjoy the feast. What mom didn’t know was that her son had invited the “whole” 5th and 6th grade of PS230 to this important celebration. I swear to this very date I never saw so many kids in one place. It was like water coming out of a faucet or an invasion of ants that could not be stopped. As for the young Good Humor Ice Cream vendor he retired as a very wealthy man and could be found on his yacht.

Of course, as I got older the attendance at my birthday parties greatly diminished and I continued to survive each.

To me, growing up, I welcomed summers as they were always fun. You know the change of weather from those cold and grey days to those warm and bright days on Brighten and Coney Island Beaches where outdoor activities made one forget about those dreary indoor winter months.

You know, given all these memories of summer’s past, I must admit I really miss them but I’m glad I got to enjoy them. Regardless of your age I sure hope that your bank of memories includes some sensational summers.

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