About Monmouth Health and Wellness

About Monmouth Health and Wellness

Monmouthhealthandwellness.com is a HYPER- LOCAL digital health & wellness online resource, consisting of listings and profiles of health and wellness providers. Positioned as a local physician finder in Monmouth County, we showcase health and wellness providers in a searchable, easy to navigate database.

However, MonmouthHealthandWellness.com is much more than just a physician finder, we offer our visitors health and wellness news, articles, reviews, expert advice, and social media interaction, making us a true resource for health and wellness, all at a reasonable distance to your local neighborhood.

In addition to being a directory of health and wellness providers, Monmouthhealthandwellness.com offers content. We feature Doctor’s Advice written by doctors and specialists who advertise with us, or various local experts in their field. We also include Healthy Tips, Recipes, Mental Health Resources, Healthcare Events as well as Wellness Offers and Coupons supplied by our advertisers. Sign up for our mailing list and get wellness offers directly in your inbox from local providers!

The Monmouthhealthandwellness.com directory is a one of a kind in Monmouth County. Our growing profile database of health and wellness providers consists of doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, aesthetic medicine and  medi-spas, wellness coaches, as well as those that offer a more holistic, homeopathic, integrative, or alternative approach to health and wellness. Unlike national search companies, our focus is on the local services offered in Monmouth County as we are Hyper Localization driven. We offer user-friendly search capabilities for visitors with various degrees of web experience.  Everyone from a Young Adult to a Senior Citizen can easily navigate the site to find services they need as well as great, informative, interesting information. We encourage you to utilize our network and reach out to providers in our database, visit their website, read reviews, or even send an email request for an appointment.

Health and Wellness Providers – Join Our Network and Connect with New Patients!

We welcome all health and health-related providers to join our forum. Our diversity in wellness care allows for a wider selection of options. This makes us more attractive to our viewers. This directory approach allows consumers to shop for a vast array of medical professionals and wellness providers online, and position ourselves as a valuable resource for the community. We are reaching thousands of local users who visit our site when choosing a wellness service in Monmouth County.  We welcome all health-related providers to join our forum. Email us for more information at monmouthhealthwellnessnj@gmail.com or call or sales division directly at 908-839-6771.

Denise Payne, Owner DPM LLC

Sales & Marketing Director Monmouthhealthandwellness.com

Denise Payne is Monmouthhealthandwellness’s  tireless engine. She holds a degree in Business Administration and Marketing is an accomplished senior marketing and management professional with broad business experience. Denise brings over 20 years experience in digital marketing and advertising. She has an extensive record of driving bottom-line impact for healthcare practices and providers. As President of Monmouthhealthandwellness.com Denise manages all of MHW’s  day-to-day operations relating to sales and marketing—from working one-on-one with clients to define their marketing goals, to conducting strategic planning, to heading up project management, account management, PR and sales.

Robert Attanasio 

Web Developer Monmouthhealthandwellness.com

Robert Attanasio is Monmouthhealthandwellness’s web developer. He holds a degree in Computer Science, and is an established international web developer and has a strong penchant for business. He has a clear talent for project management, technical implementation, and straightforward communication. Prior to using his business acumen for the benefit of Monmouth Health And Wellness clients, Robert applied his web development and organizational skills for both international and domestic clients, such as HBO, ET, ERFS, EATNEAT, Flavor Your Life and Domino Deciders.

At Monmouth Health And Wellness, Robert’s primary focus as CTO is to SEO the directory, maintain functionality and product enhancement.  He ensures profiles are optimized and positioned on the directory for optimal performance. Robert heads up all the content for the directory and plays a key role in all technical aspects of the monmouthhealthandwellness.com directory.

Lets get together and talk about what we can do for you if you are a health related business looking to connect with new clients or patients in Monmouth County.

It can all start with an email or a phone call or text 908 839 6771. Call us and let’s talk about what we might be able to do for you to start building your reputation and your profits. And since were we are here in the Monmouth County Area, we can continue the conversation in your offices. So call us today and lets get started.

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