Easy Hacks to Fit in 10,000 Steps During the Winter

Easy Hacks to Fit in 10,000 Steps During the Winter

Ahh, winter is here! If you’re not a fan of the cold it can be very tempting to curl up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate to binge your favorite Netflix show.

But that’s not how you meet your fitness goals this year.

To stay happy and healthy you need to make movement a priority. When your couch tempts you with sneaky lies like, “Humans were meant to hibernate,” you can use these easy hacks reach your daily goal of 10,000 steps.

Take a trip to the mall

If you’re rich in holiday gift cards from friends and family, walking around the mall can be a great way to fit your steps in. Try alternating stores from multiple floors so you can sneak in some stair work. Just make sure you avoid the extra-buttered-pretzel stands and free Chinese food samples. Remember: you’re there to spend the hard-earned money of your relatives (and get your body moving).

A three-hour shopping trip can add thousands of steps to your day. For added fitness motivation, try stocking your gym bag with these awesome essentials while you’re there!

Say “not today” to elevators and escalators

Make a commitment to go elevator-free this winter. You’ll be amazed at what a difference taking the stairs every day will have on your body. If your home or office is a few floors up you’ll be poised to add hundreds of steps to your daily goal just by skipping the elevator. Best of all? You can avoid all the awkward shuffling and eye-contact you sustain during an elevator ride. Inspire your co-workers to take the stairs with you.

Shovel your driveway (and help a neighbor)

While you may look at snow and feel dread, we are here to tell you that snow is a great fitness opportunity. Shoveling snow is great cardio and targets muscles in your core, shoulders, and back. So, get out there and start moving that snow. Spread positive karma (and get more steps) by shoveling out the fire hydrants on your street, or by helping your neighbors with their driveways.

Try snowshoeing this year

Snowshoeing is becoming more and more popular in metro areas. Head over to your local sports supply store and get fitted for a pair of new snowshoes. Then, find a local bike bath, walking trail, or state park and get walking. It isn’t just a fun way to enjoy the snow. Snowshoeing for an hour can burn 650-700 calories. Don’t forget to charge your phone or bring a camera. In addition to getting thousands of steps in, you’re almost guaranteed to get a good Instagram photo out of the experience.

Hit the gym for your lunch break

Spend your 60-minute lunch break heading to your local gym location to walk on the treadmill for 20+ minutes. While it may not be possible to walk outdoors, you can still make a commitment to get your steps in my adding 20-30 minutes of walking to your routine. Try adding an incline to the treadmill to target your glutes and calves. To get the best workout, don’t hold on to the treadmill as you walk. Instead, use your legs and speed to keep treading.

Looking for more ways?

If you’re looking for easy ways to meet your fitness goals this year, try scheduling a FREE personal training session. Our professional staff will listen to your specific goals and help design a routine that fits into your busy schedule.

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