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Monmouth Health and Wellness provides Healthcare and Wellness professionals with a way to meaningfully reach local Monmouth County NJ residents. Whether it be attracting new patients or helping your practice build their brand, we strive to introduce you to new patients for your practice who will view you in the best possible way.

Attract the Patients you Need

Unlike other directory portals, MHW targets only Monmouth County Residents looking for Healthcare and Wellness providers. Having a massive amount of contacts will do nothing for you if the potential patient is not geographically desirable for your locations.

Engage Patients

More than half of our visitors make an appointment within a week!  This is because we help you build a dynamic, effective profile so visitors get a wonderful first impression.  Viewing the right information in the right format really makes an impact. You have to grab their attention and keep it on you!

Visitors are twice as likely to make an appointment when your profile is complete. Our professional staff will help you craft your words wisely. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes a big difference.

Reach Patients

MHW averages over 10,000 views a month. That is 10,000 potential patients for you! We saturate all social media platforms to get your practice in front of potential patients. Viewers can search for you by category, provider name; practice name, location, and keyword; giving visitors many chances for your profile to come up.

Multi-Lingual & User Friendly

Monmouth County is a wealth of residents from a plethora of cultural backgrounds. Many potential patients are more comfortable with their native language.  It is for this reason we are presenting your content in 4 languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.  This allows potential patients to read within their comfort zone.  We are User Friendly. is easy to use and navigate, for patients of all ages and internet proficiency, offering a great user experience.

We are Mobile Optimized

Our website is Mobile Responsive, meaning it is easily viewable on a mobile device which is the choice of 60% of all internet use.

Healthcare Has Changed Today… with the increased use of tablets and cell phones you need to market your practice online and have a strong digital presence.

Connecting with Patients can help you connect and market your services in a two-step process.

We find your target audience as we are “HYPER- LOCAL”, being exclusively a Monmouth County Digital Health & Wellness online resource.   Our user-friendly directory offers potential patients Search Options for healthcare and wellness professionals in their own neighborhood. is powered by a diversified database of local healthcare providers. With the ability to search by KEYWORD, CATEGORY or LOCATION, patients in Monmouth County can learn about provider options and choose who they want to make an appointment with for their health and wellness needs in 4 languages.

Market to Patients 

Once you have connected, it is essential to keep their attention. We offer a UNIQUE “microsite” to each provider within our network. This microsite/profile is professionally customized and outlined with just the provider’s specific details; no other provider can be featured or linked on your microsite!

We are not cookie cutter! It is our job to display your unique qualities as a health care provider and promote your specific assets.

  • Review Your Services, Learn about YOU, your business, and qualifications
  • View photos, and or videos
  • Find door to door directions.
  • Read testimonials and Reviews from our verified system
  • You can Offer expert advice with Q&A.
  • Link directly to your site or Email
  • In addition, there is a request an appointment feature

Your profile will be optimized in accordance with the industry’s best practices to make sure patients are able to find you on and on Google. Each profile is then optimized using state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and served up locally by Google. Users can easily find you online.

How Patients Find

Our Promotional Marketing Strategy has been recognized by Google as a reliable source of information being a hyper local Database. We are served up and ranked high on Google search results because we keep up with the google algorithm updates and use effective optimization strategies.

One Comprehensive Package

for an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Pinpoint Local Monmouth County Residents with Geo-local SEO

We offer Daily Search Engine Optimization to raise your rankings and appear on page one of Google’s organic search.

This makes us effective.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, & Google+

We saturate social media platforms. Your posts are shared with local community & township groups to expand your audience reach.

This makes us everywhere.

Blog Posts

Readers find interest-catching Healthy Tips, Recipes, and Doctor’s Advice directly from the providers—all posted to our weekly blogs.

This makes us interesting.


We deliver E-blasts on the newest providers, events and articles to choice readers.

This makes us relevant

Web Links & Healthcare Jobs Powered by Indeed

Plus a back-linking strategy with links on local healthcare websites. Just one more reason to click on us!

This makes us necessary

Online Advertising

Our campaigns help direct traffic to your site and promote our social media.

 This makes us essential to your practice

We are an online resource for local healthcare news, events, healthcare jobs and more. is all about creating a community where healthcare providers and patients can connect.  However we are MORE than just a physician finder.   We offer user’s health and wellness news, articles, reviews, expert advice, local healthcare events, jobs and social media interaction. offers your practice an opportunity to provide a full range of photos highlighting staff, services, or your beautiful clean location. You have the option of posting a video to further spotlight your services. We share your unique services on our social media to encourage interaction and provide prospective with alternative ways to connect with your practice. You can be your own spokesperson or chose one who reflects the culture of your practice.

Patients really get to know you before they enter the waiting room, compelling them to make an appointment.

Enhance your Online Reputation An online resource for local healthcare news, events and more.

Today, health consumers’ behaviors have changed, and so have approaches torunning a profitable medical practice. In today’s digitally-connected world,word-of-mouth patent referrals happen online.


Online reputation management is key today in any business. You cannot hide from this, and it’s not going away. We are all curious to know what our neighbor thinks of the latest restaurant, landscaper and of course Doctor or Healthcare Provider. Unfortunately, a bad review really hurts your business. offers a VERIFIED rating system and reviews. No gating here. Our Goal is to provide patients with factual, compelling reasons to choose you for their healthcare needs.

What Else Do We Offer?

  • SEO Services
  • Web Design Services
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media Marketing

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