HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS By Living Well Counseling Center

HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS  By Living Well Counseling Center

How Healthy, Strong Relationships Can Improve Happiness – By Living Well Counseling Center.

Have you ever considered how the company you keep affects your mood, motivation, and sense of self? If you take a piece of rotten fruit and place it beside perfectly good fruit…what happens? The mold from the rotten fruit spreads over to the good fruit and both end up in bad condition.

We have all heard the old adage that you are judged by the company you keep. You have also heard the phrase ‘guilty by association’.  They are both true, and can truly impact your reputation, as well as your happiness.

Thus, when you surround yourself with negative people or those that are not like-minded, they can bring you down to their level. This is why you want to associate yourself with people who appreciate you, elevate you in many ways, motivate you to become a better you, and know how to have a healthy friendship.

Are All Friendships, Good Friendships?

The answer depends on who you are, and who you strive to be.

There are people in this world who some refer to as Negative Nancy.  They complain a lot, demand a lot of time and attention from people around them, talk behind ‘friends’ backs, call to talk about themselves without a care for you, and essentially drain you. If you like how you feel when you hang up the phone with them or go home from a social engagement with them…then this is your type of friend. You are seeking an unhealthy friendship for some reason and may want to take some time to reflect on this.

A healthy friendship is complementary, nurturing, emotionally supportive, mutually satisfying, reciprocated and fun.  When you say goodbye after seeing them, you leave feeling happy and good about yourself, having enjoyed the time together. Your communications with them should be easy and “feel good”, with strong sense of trust, honesty and reliability.

Positive signs to look for in relationships, friend, family member or romantic partner

  • Healthy communication remaining respectful and empathetic of their partner as they discuss their thoughts and feelings and work toward a resolution.
  • Healthy emotional and physical boundaries- letting go of codependency and having your own identity.
  • Open and honest – being able to clearly communicate both wants and needs without fear or hesitation
  • Respect for your individuality-respecting others’ values, beliefs, and opinions, even if they are different from one’s own.
  • Equality – neither partner dominates the relationship
  • Fairness – understanding and working toward the needs of the relationship, not just the needs of each person.
  • Mutual respect- treat your spouse/friend/partner in a thoughtful and courteous way.

Warning signs in an abusive relationship

These may be:

  • Unwarranted distrust.
  • Isolating you from family or friends.
  • Jealousy and or insecurity.
  • Emotional outbursts, possessive behavior, controlling personality.
  • The threat of physical harm.

Relationships are a very important part of a healthy life because social connections are critical for mental and physical health. Humans are social, they are happiest with companionship.  Isolation can lead to depression and poor self-worth.

Relationships are two sided.  While it is important to be around positive people who bring out the best in you, it is also important to be that positive person who elevates others.

According to the universal Law of Attraction, the type of thoughts and attitudes you have will attract events that will make them become a reality. So, if you think positive thoughts, you will attract only positive energy and events. If you have negative thoughts, only negative things will happen to you.

Look in the mirror, focus on your strengths. Be proud, upbeat, and the person you would like to have as a friend or partner. Positivity with self attracts positivity from others.

If you feel yourself being overtaken by sadness, reach out to family, friends, or professionals. While your struggle to find companionship can make you feel isolated, you are far from alone.

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