Hormone Replacement Therapy, By Dr. Daniel Savarino

Hormone Replacement Therapy, By Dr. Daniel Savarino

Hormone Change as You Age: Should You Consider Replacement Therapy?

Hormones like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA peak in our twenties and thirties. But hormone levels begin to naturally decline by the time we reach our forties and fifties. While this change can be subtle initially, the drop can eventually lead to unpleasant symptoms that disrupt a person’s quality of life.

Each person’s hormones are unique, and when they may shift varies from person to person. In women, perimenopause usually begins in their middle to late 40s, leading to menopause around age fifty, when ovulation ends. Estrogen and progesterone levels fall rapidly during the menopausal transition. Low estrogen particularly impacts the brain, vaginal tissue, bones, heart, and skin.

Men experience a more gradual testosterone decline after age thirty. This can lead to fatigue, low mood, and erectile issues.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance vary but may include:


 – Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings

– Vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse

– Reduced muscle mass, weakness

– Memory lapses, cloudy thinking

– Weight gain, slowed metabolism

– Reliance on sleep aids

– Reduced interest in self

If you’ve noticed frustrating changes in how you feel, hormone replacement therapy may help.

Hormone therapy can provide relief by replacing deficient hormones. Hormone therapy is most often used to treat common menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes and vaginal discomfort and has also been proven to prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women.

Beyond relieving bothersome symptoms, balancing hormones offers other advantages:


– Reduces risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures

– Improves urinary tract health

– Lowers likelihood of heart disease

– Increases energy and mental clarity

– Allows restful sleep

For best results, hormone therapy should be tailored to each person and reevaluated every so often to be sure the benefits outweigh any risks. At your first office visit, Dr. Savarino will test your current hormone levels to determine if you are a candidate for BHRT pellet therapy based on your comprehensive consultation and thorough blood work panel. A follow-up appointment will then be scheduled for your pellet therapy insertion. Hormone replacement pellets dissolve and are absorbed into the body and are ready to release a continuous stream of bioidentical hormones.

As each patient’s symptoms are unique, so is each patient’s path to hormone optimization. Most patients report some symptom resolution in as little as two to four weeks, but full optimization may take up to six months.

While some hormone changes are inevitable with age, you don’t have to tolerate frustrating symptoms and health risks. If your quality of life has declined, Dr. Savarino can help you explore whether hormone replacement therapy is the right solution.

Dr. Daniel Savarino, DO, specializes in treating patients with hormone replacement therapy. He is an established and highly skilled physician specializing in sports and regenerative medicine, pain management, and anti-aging treatments. If you are suffering from hormone-related symptoms, reach out! Complete the patient inquiry form on our website to activate an appointment with one of our staff, or call (732) 385-2739. Visit regeneratenj.com to learn more.

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