Jersey Shore Residents Can Now Book an Appointment for Semaglutide In A Local Clinic

Jersey Shore Residents Can Now Book an Appointment for Semaglutide In A Local Clinic

Breakthrough Medication Defeats the Constant Urges and Thoughts Of Food…

Is Now Used by Thousands Of Patients Nationwide To Lose Weight Healthy And Fast!

The newly released semaglutide prescription medication for weight loss, GLP-1, offers hope for patients who have struggled unsuccessfully to lose and keep weight off. In addition, the treatments offered through the Jersey Weight Loss Clinic provide a prescription medication alternative to more extreme weight loss options, such as bariatric surgery.

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Jersey Weight Loss Clinic has extended its no-obligation phone consultation service to advise weight loss patients on the new semaglutide prescription medication. The consultation provides more information about GLP-1, prequalifies patients and allows weight loss patients to receive expert guidance for their weight loss journey with semaglutide.

Nearly one in three Americans is overweight, and two out of every five adults are classified as obese. Unfortunately, losing weight can be notoriously difficult, and long-term weight loss maintenance is only successful in 20% of cases, say NIH researchers. Custom-blended GLP-1 contains semaglutide, a naturally-occurring peptide that provides physiological help for weight loss. Semaglutide imitates a natural hormone that sends a message to the brain, providing a feeling of fullness.

Reducing hunger sensations in the brain leads to fewer calories consumed, and a calorie deficit creates weight loss, says the team at Jersey Weight Loss Clinic. In contrast to popular fad diets or more extreme weight loss protocols, semaglutide therapy facilitates natural weight loss as it aims to eliminate hunger.

The weight loss medication is prescribed by a doctor and is custom-blended for each patient, taking each patient’s needs and medical history into account. The personalized treatment is administered weekly, and all prescribing doctors are licensed in New Jersey.

Treatment costs for the GLP-1 medication are low compared to other weight loss systems, allowing accessibility and affordability for all patients.

The Jersey Weight Loss clinic can provide further information and advice regarding weight loss with GLP-1. A company spokesperson says, “The results for patients losing weight are well documented. This medicine is a game changer for patients who struggle to drop weight and maintain their loss.”

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