Summer safety: 7 tips to keep bugs at bay this summer

Summer safety: 7 tips to keep bugs at bay this summer

(BPT) – From picnics to backyard BBQs, beach days and hikes, Americans continuously enjoy the outdoors throughout the warmer months. But the more time spent outside, the more susceptible people become to uncomfortable bug bites — or worse.

To help keep families protected this summer no matter the activity, OFF!®, the pioneers in personal insect repellents for over 60 years, shares seven tips to fight mosquito bites this summer:

  1. Remove Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in standing water, and even a small amount of water can become home to mosquito larvae. Find and empty unexpected water sources like buckets and old tires, and remove leaves and debris that may have collected in gutters so that water may flow freely. For birdbaths and fountains, change and flush out water at least once a week.
  2. Apply Personal Repellent: Whether an aerosol, spray, lotion, or wipe, applying a personal pest repellent correctly can help protect against mosquito bites. For use every day, consider OFF!® Botanicals, a plant-based insect repellent with no added fragrances or dyes that fights mosquitoes, biting flies and gnats for up to two hours.
  3. Stay Sweat Free: Mosquitoes are especially attracted to body heat and lactic acid, a substance people emit when they perspire. When exercising or working hard outdoors, consider a bug spray with sweat-resistant protection, like OFF!® Active Insect Repellent I, which provides protection for up to five hours.
  4. Mow it Low: Long grass and unmanicured hedges offer shelter, shade and moisture to mosquitoes. Keep hedges, bushes and yards trimmed during peak mosquito season, and don’t forget to prune tall grass around walkways, pools and ponds that may provide a safe haven for mosquitoes.
  5. Protect the Party: For outdoor entertainers, don’t let any unwanted pests ruin summer get-togethers. Enjoy every moment spent outdoors with OFF!®’s Backyard Area Repellent solutions. OFF! Backyard Pre-Treat is a treatment that can be attached to a hose and sprayed around a backyard perimeter, and will kill 110+ insects outside the home on outdoor surfaces for up to 8 weeks!
  6. Keep it Covered: Mosquitoes can detect even small areas of exposed skin. When weather permits, wear long sleeves, long pants, and socks outdoors. Reduce your chances of getting bit by wearing light-colored clothing, and consider spraying clothes with a personal insect repellent for added protection. Remember to only use a repellent product that is labeled for use on clothing and consult the label for full use directions before applying.
  7. Play the Long Game: DEET — the common name for N.N-Diethyl-m-toluamide — is an effective insect repellent first developed by the U.S. Army in 1946. When applied correctly, DEET forms a vapor barrier at the skin surface that deters mosquitoes from landing on the skin. For campers and those who simply have plans to spend time outdoors for extended periods, consider this: The level of DEET in repellent helps determine how long the protection will last. Always read product label instructions, and when applying on children, spray on your hands first, and then apply to their skin.

Mosquitoes and other unwanted pests don’t have to be a consequence of time spent outdoors, and with just a few simple protective precautions, families can enjoy summer fun with fewer chances for interruptions.

Visit the OFF!® Product Finder to explore their variety of repellent options and find the right mosquito protection for you. OFF!® is manufactured by SC Johnson, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of household consumer products.

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