Please note I titled this article as “Trying To Move On.” Because isn’t that what most of us are trying to do? Especially we Seniors. We have entered a year of “What’s Next”? Obviously, we are now living in a time of the un-known.

We recognize that we are amid some particularly challenging times, and as seniors we have the ability and wisdom to get through it. Some of these greater challenges are from the Covid-19 pandemic, the cost of Inflation, Energy, Our Open Borders, Immigration, and the World We Live in Today.

Unfortunately, I have no Crystal Ball. Therefore, I have no answers. What I do have is belief that we will successfully address these challenges and any additional concerns that are sure to occur.

We know that we are fortunate to be living in a free society and should be able to move on no matter what issues we face. And remember if we do not like the decisions that have been made by our current leaders, we can make changes, it’s called voting in November.

Let’s get back to moving on with our lives. We are now through the mid-winter months and just the thought of warmer brighter sunshine days are on the way. Of course, that means we can soon ditch the snow shovels & ice scrappers. See there is a reason to celebrate after all.

Just think of getting outside to enjoy some fun activities and exercises. Get that tennis and golf swing back into shape. Ride that bicycle, start walking the neighborhood, visit the parks, start to better those pickleball skills, watch some local soccer, baseball, and softball games, begin refurbishing that garden and start planning that summer vacation and, or weekend getaway.

Know that pools, beach, and barbecues await. In other words, change the mood. Jump from the winter blahs to the sunshine of spring. Remember we are discussing “Moving On.”

We can do this. Having just lived through two depressing years of being confined to home isolation, masks, and vaccines, we can get through anything.

Let’s get smart in budgeting, planning for necessities and resisting impulse buying. Things will get better because they always do.

Don’t forget to visit your doctors, dentists, and health and wellness centers. Scheduled an appointment with any of the medical and wellness professionals that are listed on this Monmouth Health & Wellness website.

Because we know that our health is everything. So, get with friends and family to celebrate the better days which are ahead and simply, “Move On”!

Please note this article contains my subjective opinions. I attempt to present issues that are current and may affect our senior readership. However, I would love to hear from our readers and get your thoughts on this or any Senior Servings topic. Additionally, if there is a senior related topic or issue that you would like this article to discuss, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.

I can be reached at SDMC – Please reference the topic you wish to discuss in your e-mail heading.

Until next time! A special thank you to all our great doctors, nurses, medical & wellness professionals, who are listed on this Monmouth Health and Wellness site.

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