WHO STOLE SUMMER? by Stephen Dick

WHO STOLE SUMMER? by Stephen Dick

WARNING BEFORE READING! Please hold this article at least six feet from your face for social distancing and wear a mask. (Kidding).

Guess we all know the answer to this legitimate question about summer. Psst, it’s Covid-19.

I mean just 12 months ago (last summer) we could genuinely enjoy all the normal activities associated with this traditional and delightful time of the year without the incredible restrictions that have now been placed upon us.

Of course, we can agree that these restrictions are in place to keep our population safe and healthy. I believe that’s a given.

However, I know to many of us something is missing, maybe it’s the overall “spirit of summer”. You know it is the time of the year when we look forward to simply unwinding. But having experienced the mandated 3 to 4 months quarantine simply the ability to get out of our homes equates to unwinding.

We do not have the ability to travel safely from destination to destination, to eat inside a favorite restaurant, to get onto a beach without waiting in line due to limitations, to enjoy a swim in a community pool, to go to a sporting event, to participate in a group party or a barbeque, to cool off in a movie or an outdoor concert, and to simply be anywhere there might be crowds. Unfortunately, we are living through an environment of fear.

Getting out and about has become so rare that I get so excited when I go to Walmart or Costco that I wear a suit! I will not tell you what I wear when I take out the garbage, but this too is an event.

Okay, then there is the newsworthy issue of face masks. Do you wear one or not? Here’s my take on this. I believe you wear a face mask to protect others and in return others wear masks protect you. Obviously, the continued information that we receive indicates that wearing a face mask is a simple way to be protected. Hopefully with the availability of a vaccination we will be able to control this dreaded virus and maybe limit the mask issue. Fingers crossed.

Guess I might seem selfish as it pertains to all that I miss about summer. But like many I simply miss all those great summer moments of the past that I have been used to and are now curtailed. We will recover but need everyone to cooperate, understand and participate.

Some might remember that famous baseball quote from the then Brooklyn Dodgers (circa 1950’s), “Wait till next year”!

In summation, if you can get past any summer doldrums and get as much enjoyment as you possibly can. So, get out and enjoy the weather, knowing things will get better.

This article cannot be closed without a special thank you to our great doctors, many whom have been involved in treating Covid-19 and are listed on this Monmouth Health and Wellness site. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

Stay well, stay strong, and please continue to visit your medical professionals who are in place to keep you healthy. Enjoy the summer months and pray for “Normal”.

Stephen Dick is the president of SDMC, a full-service creative marketing communications resource – www.sdmc-nj.com

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